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Tax Investigation

Tax Enquiries

Under the current system of self-assessment a Tax Inspector has 12 months after the filing date for your Tax Return to choose to audit it. The politically correct Revenue term is a tax enquiry but the old name of tax investigation is probably a more accurate description!


Why an investigation is started

Around 10,000 Tax Returns each year are chosen for investigation at random, the rest are selected because the Inspector has some reason to suspect that your tax affairs are not in order. This could be based upon the Return , it could be the Inspector is acting on information gained in an investigation into another person’s Tax Return or perhaps a neighbour or other person has informed the Revenue of their suspicions and the Inspector is following this up


Keeping records

Whatever the trigger, the Inspector has far reaching powers to ask for any relevant documents. Documents for the core part of the Tax Return should be kept for at least 3 years whilst the self-employed are required by law to keep their business documents for just under 7 years.



The Inspector will often request an interview the purpose of which will probably be to establish


Experienced Tax Team

The tax team at Bowyer Pounds & Co have dealt with many tax investigations on behalf of clients and have are comfortable sitting between you and the Tax Inspector should your tax affairs be questioned.